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About This Project

Color Blinded Nature is a limited landscape aerial photography series by Los Angeles-based Brazilian photographer Eddie Jag, available for canvas print purchases worldwide. All colors in the collection are complimentary to match and hang in any combination.⁠ Buy multiple prints and mix and match on the wall for a color contrast look.


I took the first shot in Laguna Beach, CA. I loved the natural color contrast between the rocks and the water. This image is available for canvas purchase, along with the entire rest of the Color Blinded collection.


When conceptualizing what could represent the color yellow in nature, I immediately was struck with the lines and composition of dunes. This shot took more driving than preparation. In total, we were on-site for 30 minutes after driving 7 hours + total there and back. The Imperial Sand Dunes proved to be worth it, and we were able to capture stunning top-down shots.


Green is the color of forests and earth. Naturally, I drove up to Big Bear, where I could bury myself in its pine forests. This image hopes to capture some of that reminder of what we think of when we think of the color green in nature.⁠



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