Color Blinded is a project bored out of the mind of lead artist Eddie Jag in 2018. Excerpt from the artist explaining the project:

“The initial concept came to me after hearing a saying meant to indicate a person’s tolerance and sensitivity to racial, cultural, and ethnic bias. This statement might come in the form of this: ‘I am colorblind; I don’t see color,’ registering someone’s openness to all races, cultures, and ethnicities.

However, that statement troubled me as it did not accurately reflect the qualities needed to open someone’s mind. Exposure to other cultures and ethnicities different from yourself is vital to diminishing irrational human fears of the unknown. The more we surround ourselves with diversity, the more open we become. So instead of being “colorblind,” I proposed that we be blinded by color instead. Envelope yourself with all the beautiful colors in the spectrum of both nature and the human race. Diversity is beautiful and something we should cherish.

So, for now, God has not bestowed too much power for change in my hands; I’m simply a photographer. All I can do to showcase my art and hope that it inspires others. So what is it about colors that make some so afraid?

I present to you Color Blinded, an effort to smash through societal prejudices by portraying the beauty of color diversity.

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